Travel Software for Travel Agents, TMCs, Airlines and Tour Operators


Travel Booster is end-to-end travel software designed for airlines seeking to better engage with their customers and boost their revenues by extending their offer. Airlines can now become complete holiday providers by offering a vast selection of travel products and services.

The Travel Booster web-based solution includes a comprehensive online reservation system together with mid and back-office administration tools.

Below you will find examples and screenshots that demonstrate some of our features and capabilities.

Vast Choice of Products and Services

  • Dynamic packages: Rather than booking a flight and hotel separately, offer your customers the option of booking a dynamic package during the flight booking process. In a dynamic package, customers can group a minimum of two services (e.g. flight and hotel, car and flight) together. Business rules are then applied to the prices to yield a single selling component.
  • Pre-bundled packages: Packages composed of products from your internal contracts, to which markup is then added.
  • Standalone services such as hotels, car rentals, and activities.
  • Cross-sale/Up-Sale: Present your customers with attractive offers of additional travel products and services such as hotels, activities, airport transfers, and car rentals. Enjoy a wealth of product merchandising options.

Customer Engagement

    • Customer Value Management: identify and manage your valuable customers and serve them accordingly. Using defined scales of profitability to measure your customers’ value, Travel Booster functionality can tag each customer with the relevant value and allow you to better allocate your resources so that the most valuable customers receive the best service.
    • Multiple touchpoints: communicate with your customers anytime, anywhere. Define target dates and utilize your vast choice of travel products to present customers with attractive offers pre and post-booking. Continue communicating with your customers after their safe return.
    • Get social: allow customers to like, share, and tweet their favorite travel products and trip details while promoting your business.
    • Mobile: join the trend and be available for booking anytime, anywhere via the Travel Booster mobile application. Integrate holiday products and services with the airline’s existing mobile presence.

A Fully Integrated Solution

  • Integrate Travel Booster with your Passenger Service System (PSS) or flight booking engine and become a one-stop shop for all travel needs.
  • Apply the airline loyalty program procedure for earning and burning points to holiday bookings.

Multiple Points of Sale

  • B2C
  • B2B
  • B2E / offline call center
  • Mobile
  • White labels
  • Affiliates

Travel Booster supports multiple selling channels including consumers, travel agents, in-house/call center staff as well as mobile access, re-branded white label sites for third parties, and affiliates.

Multiple Content Sources

  • Online suppliers
  • Internal contracts

Seamlessly interface with third party content providers of worldwide content. Easily manage contracts and allocations of your internal products. Providing diverse content to customers will keep them engaged on your site throughout the entire booking process with no need to redirect them to external supplier sites.

Marketing Promotions

  • Gift cards: sell individual gift cards or issue promotional coupons that can be redeemed during the check-out process.
  • Discount options: make use of various promotional options such as “early bird” or flash sales to promote specific products and services.

Business Rules

Quickly respond to market dynamics: setup and update business rules such as multi-tier markup options.

  • Markup Definitions: sales channel, product and dates - automatically applied to your net buying rates and displayed as your selling rates in the reservation system. 
  • Dynamic package
  • Commission Definitions: at any level, for example per agent, group of agent, all agents, per service type, product etc. 
  • Cancellation Fee Policy: automatically applied to cancelled bookings; fees are calculated based on the number of days from the date of cancellation to the departure date and are levied in either an amount or a percentage.

Financial module

Control you finances: issue invoices and vouchers, reconcile suppliers, agent/business house accounts, update rates of exchange and export accounting transactions to your accounting software.

  • Currency exchange rates: Lists all the currencies you use, displays rates for both selling and purchasing services.
  • Supplier and agent reconciliation (accounts payable & account receivable): a complete record of accounting documentation, ability to reconcile the accounts, adjust amounts, and create payments and receipts.
  • Cashier: manage all cash and cheque payment receipts received by you that are pending bank deposit.
  • General ledger interface: Seamlessly export accounting transactions from the Travel Booster to your accounting software.

Business Intelligence (BI) and Reports

Make better business decisions with comprehensive knowledge of the factors affecting your business, such as sale matrices, commissions, markups and internal operations. 

            • Allows for top-down summarized reports to identify strengths and weaknesses in their organization.
            • Data that is derived from a large and diverse customer basis, updated daily.
            • Allows each customer to add custom-made BI reports, to answer specific business needs.
            • The BI module includes reports, such as: Periodical analysis, Periodical comparison, Trends by periods/ services/ branches, Top 10 suppliers/ agents/ destinations, Suppliers currency distribution, Hotel nights and rooms Breakdown of profitability components, Sales Vs. target for branches/ clerks/ suppliers/ agents, Custom built reports for agents based on invoice data and many more.

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