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Become a complete holiday provider with Travel Booster:


Travel Booster travel software can benefit all airlines that wish to expand their selling channels, add dynamic holiday packages to their offerings, gain valuable customer insight, and increase revenues. Airlines can now become complete holiday providers by offering a vast selection of travel products and services.

Travel Booster is the successful outcome of Galor's 20 years of experience in developing solutions for the travel industry. Galor’s solutions are used by over 600 customers. These include some of the world's most dynamic airlines as well as tour operators, retailers, and OTAs.

Why choose Travel Booster ?

  • Drive more revenues
  • Continuous customer engagement
  • Make it your own
  • Tap into the mobile world to amplify touchpoints with your customers
  • Be up and running in no time
  • Optimize profitability

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Virgin Australia: Rich variety of products

"The platform allows a variety of product options with limited cost overheads."
Chad Howard, General Manager, Virgin Australia Holidays


40-second experiment on customer ownership