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Version Update

April 2009 Version Update

Self Operation Tours

This module is designed for companies operating their own fixed-departure escorted tours and includes the following major features:

  • Full support of tour sale aspects including: seat inventories, client (or travel agent) invoicing
  • Full support of tour operation aspects including: rooming lists for suppliers, expense management (including profit/loss analysis) for each departure date

You will be able to easily set up, update, and operate tours: for each tour you can contract hotels, hire guides and buses, book attractions and other services.

Two types of Self Operation Tours are supported in the module:

  • Tours based on a fixed number of passengers
    An example of this is a tour based on the number of bus seats.
  • Tours based on hotel allocation
    These tours are based on the number of available hotel rooms (at one or more hotel options) at each stopover.

Each type of tour can be operated according to one of the following tour modes:

  • Regular Tours
    These are "stand-alone" tours that can be defined either on the basis of a fixed number of passengers or available hotel allocations (i.e. a circular tour).
  •  Modular Tours
    These are tours with fixed stopovers, to fixed destinations and for a fixed duration. Clients can join or leave the tour at any one of the stopovers as the Self Operation Tour will be a combination of these stopovers.

Once the tour is created according to the selected mode, the tour operator can view an always updated passenger list and seamlessly run the day-to-day tour operation. 

Mandatory and Complimentary Transfers in Hotel Contracts

Hotel contracts may sometimes include a complimentary transfer or require that the client purchase a transfer together with the hotel booking (mandatory transfer). Both these options can be defined in a Travel Booster hotel contract.
If the hotel provides a complimentary arrival transfer, this can be entered in the contract for each price level (room type). Then, when booking, the client will be requested to enter his arrival flight details. These details will be sent to the hotel together with the booking details.
If the hotel requires a mandatory arrival transfer, this requirement is defined in the Hotel tab of the contract. When a booking is then made for the hotel, the system will automatically display a list of available transfers from which the client will be able to choose and purchase the one most suitable for him.

"Track Changes" in Products' Contracts and Allocations

Changes made to products or allocations are recorded in the system and can now be tracked by the user. By clicking the "Track Changes" button in the contract, information regarding the change, the name of the person who performed the change, and the date action was performed are displayed.

Employee Discount Limits

For offices that sell directly to customers (B2C) it is possible to define two discount levels that can be granted by employees to customers when invoicing. This discount level can be selected in the employee’s user permits.

Edit Invoice by Employee

When working in B2E mode, employees can edit an invoice and modify several of its details including   the due date of the invoice, amounts and discounts (subject to the employee's permits in the system). Services can also be removed in the event that a partial invoice needs to be issued.

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