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Version Update

June 2009 Version Update

New Content Interface: Mark Travel Attractions

In addition to the Mark Travel Hotel interface, you can now connect to this new Mark Travel interface which offers a wide variety of attractions at destinations worldwide. Activation of this interface is contingent upon a commercial agreement with Mark Travel.

UI Flexibility

Changing the header, footer and colors of your site has now been made easy!
With this new release, you will be able to change your site’s header and footer simply by creating an HTML page. In addition, there are also four new style sheets from which you can select a new color scheme for your site. All UI modifications are easily performed using the menu Setup->Website Definitions->UI Design.

Booking Control

Travel Booster can now assist you in the follow-up and handling of bookings in the system. Specifically, this concerns missing reservations to suppliers, missing invoices, missing vouchers and missing payments.
To monitor these missing documents, you need only to define a queue (using the menu Setup->Website Definitions->Booking->Queues). Travel Booster will then channel the bookings to the relevant queues according to the status of the action. For example: a booking not fully invoiced will be automatically channeled to the Missing Invoice queue. Once fully invoiced, the booking will be removed from this queue.

Send Document as PDF Attachment

All documents in Travel Booster can now be sent as PDF attachments.  To send a document as a PDF attachment, click the "send page" option at the bottom of the document and then select the "send as PDF attachment" option.

New Report: List of Participants (per service)

This new report generates a participant lists according to the services sold in the system. The report can be filtered by a multitude of parameters, including service type, dates, and destination.

Display and Edit Bookings in Reservations System

There may be times when you create a booking in the Reservations system but do not want to display this booking to a B2B or B2C login. An example is when you handle a group for an agent but do not want the agent to see the booking and its associated transactions.
You may also want to prevent the B2B or B2C users from editing a certain booking.
For these circumstances, two new options have been added to the menu Booking Control->General Info in the booking. These two options are:

  • Display Booking
  • Allow Edit Booking

By default, these two options are selected in the booking, indicating that the booking can be displayed and can be edited (transactions can be added or cancelled). If you do not want a booking to be displayed or edited for B2B or B2C users, simply unselect the relevant option. Note that all bookings are always displayed and can be edited by B2E users


Send Automatic Email to Customers

Travel Booster can be configured to automatically send a confirmation email  message to B2C customers. The content and fields of this message are configured in the menu Setup->Website Definitions->Login Type->Agent and Customer->Customer.

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Sorin Vaduvoiu, Executive Director, Perfect Tour, Romania


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