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Version Update

August 2009 Version Update

New Content Interface: 

This new interface offers over 3,500 hotels in numerous locations, among them Spain, the Canary Islands, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Tunisia, Morocco, Portugal, Malta, and Italy. Many of these hotels are situated in popular summer and winter beach resorts in the Mediterranean. provides a fast and easy online booking system, via which customers can select from a multitude of 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels in each destination. Self-catering apartments and private accommodations are also available.
This interface is offered free of charge to Travel Booster users. 
The activation of this interface is contingent upon a commercial agreement with

Displaying Advertisements and Promotions in the Reservations System

Displaying advertisements on the product search pages has now been made easy!
With this new release, you can easily upload advertisements (images or HTML files) to be displayed below or to the right of the query pane. Unique advertisements can be displayed for different product searches, user logins, or date ranges. You now can also create promotions (“Hot Deals”) for specific products – from an internal contract – and display these promotions in the Reservations System’s advertisement areas. Access this new feature via the Advertisement Placeholder Definitions section in the Setup menus of the Administration Tools.
Documentation on how to implement this new feature will be sent to all customers in the coming days.

New Options for Updating Contract Prices

When defining a contract, it is sometimes necessary to perform calculations on the net price or on the gross price. Beginning with this version, two new calculation options have been added to the "Calculate Prices" menu option. The first option "Only Net" enables the calculation of an additional amount on the net price prior to establishing the gross selling price. This option is useful in contracts for hotels in the United States where tax is added to the net price prior to calculating the markup to be added for the gross selling price.
The second option "Net from Gross" enables the calculation of the net price when the supplier quotes gross prices with commission and the net price is calculated based on this commission.

”Accumulative Price” Option

The Accumulative Price option has been added to the Price Component Definition pane in the Price List tab of the contract. When can this option be used?
A hotel contract is defined with the price of $100 per day for a stay of 1 to 3 nights and $80 per day for a stay of 4 nights and up. The client has reserved 5 nights at the hotel. If the Accumulative Price option is not selected, the system will price all 5 nights at $80, with a total booking price of $400. If the Accumulative Price option is selected, the system will price the first 3 nights at $100 and the last 2 nights at $80, with a total booking price of $460.

View All Accounting Documents

You can now view all the accounting documents issued from a booking. In B2E mode only, click the Profit icon located on the booking screen. Individual documents can then be displayed by clicking the triangle expander in the various sections of the Booking Profit screen.

Financial Closing of a Booking

Upon the completion of all financial activity in a booking, the booking should be closed. Closing the booking financially prevents the creation of new activities and the modification of existing documentation. Before the booking is closed, Travel Booster performs internal checks to verify that all financial documents are reconciled. If the booking has open documents, an alert will be displayed advising as such and the booking will not be closed. Close a single booking using the Booking Control menu or close a group of bookings using the Tools – Close Booking/s option on the Bookings List screen.

Handling Transfers in Travel Booster

The manner in which transfer contracts are created and transfer queries performed in the Reservations System has been improved. Attached to this bulletin is a document providing a comprehensive overview of how transfers are created and reserved in Travel Booster. click here to download the document 

Price Component Lookup Table

In previous Travel Booster versions, Main price components were hardcoded into the system, therefore not allowing you to add a Main type price component to a hotel contract. Adding Main price components for hotel contracts is now possible. Please contact your account manager for more information regarding this new feature.

Booking Tasks Checklist

A checklist of tasks to be performed in a booking can be created for employees working in B2E mode.
The checklist, defined in Database Definitions/Bookings, can include tasks such as “tickets issued”, “documents issued” and “reservation checked.” In the Reservations System, the checklist itself is accessed via the Booking Control menu in the booking itself. The Call Center employee can use the checklist to follow-up on required tasks and mark each task once it is completed.

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