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Version Update

March 2010 Version Update

Travel Booster Now Fully Certified by Worldspan and Galileo 

We are proud to announce that Travel Booster is now fully certified for interfacing with Worldspan and Galileo.
Travel Booster clients who will sell flights using either GDS will first need to secure a commercial agreement with the GDS to activate the interface.

2 New Content Interfaces added to Travel Booster

Version 6.02 includes 2 new content interfaces: ATS Pacific and
ATS Pacific, the leading regional inbound travel management company in the South Pacific with operations in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, are experts in the provision of ground arrangements for international wholesalers and their clients. The ATS interface offers a wide range of hotels in Australia, Fiji and New Zealand. features a selection of over 30,000 quality properties (hotels, apartments, and villas) in a multitude of locations: Spain, the Balearics, Canaries, Algarve, Madeira, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, the French Riviera, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, the Caribbean and a wide range of City Break hotels worldwide.
The activation of these new interfaces is contingent upon a commercial agreement with the respective companies

New Multi-Site Configuration Capability

A major improvement to Travel Booster beginning with this version, your installation now includes three master configurations to which it is easy to add new ones.
The three master configurations are B2E (Business to Employee), B2B (Business to Agent) and B2C (Business to Customer). Based on your commercial agreement with Galor, it is now possible to configure numerous B2B child sites under the masterB2B configuration and numerous B2C child sites under the masterB2C configuration (as displayed in the following screenshot):


Using a simple interface, this new mechanism allows the child configuration to inherit all the parent properties, thus ensuring that all website definitions are transferred exactly from the master/parent configuration to all child configurations. A child configuration which does not need to be identical to the parent can be fine-tuned after its creation.
Any change subsequently made to a parent configuration is automatically inherited by all child configurations, eliminating the necessity of individually updating configurations and ensuring standardization of features in your websites.
Please contact your Galor Account Manager for more information regarding this new functionality.

Customizing Advertisements for Target Audiences

The advertisement placeholder capability, introduced in the last version, has now been significantly improved. With only a few, short steps you can display unique advertisements on each of your websites in order to target a specific buying audience. After creating or uploading your advertisement, you’ll use the “Applicable configurations” multi-selection list to select the website on which the advertisement will be displayed.

Vat Can Now be Applied to Domestic Bookings only

Travel Booster can now automatically differentiate between domestic and international bookings and - according to the VAT laws in your country - apply VAT to domestic bookings only.
The VAT section in Database Definitions now includes the option Country for Domestic purpose. After selecting your country, the system will apply VAT only to services booked in this country and not to those outside of it

Improved Support for Firefox

With over 20% of recorded worldwide usage, Firefox is now second only to Microsoft Internet Explorer in terms of popularity. In order to afford all Travel Booster users a high-quality user experience, extensive enhancements have been added to the Travel Booster Reservation System in order to support the Firefox browser.

Two Major Enhancements to Dynamic Package Functionality

Fly & Drive packages can now be added to the existing dynamic package options, One Destination and Two Destinations. Simply by selecting the new Website Definition car (in the Website Definitions’ dynamic package query parameters), a new tab - Fly & Drive - will be added to the Reservation System. Using this new tab, the client will be able to book a flight and a car rental without booking a hotel.

A Two-Destination package can now include two destinations in the same country. Previously when searching for a two-destination package within the same country (for example London to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Rotterdam), the system would search only for flights for the internal destination - and produce no results. Beginning with this version, an internal destination search will include transfers and car rentals (instead of flights) in the query results.
This feature is enabled by assigning the same IATA code (that of the country’s main airport) to other destinations in the country.

Entire Reservation History Now Displayed in One Screen

Travel Booster records and tracks every reservation created in a booking. This reservation history can be viewed by clicking the Actions button and then selecting Reservation History. Beginning with Version 6.02, B2E Travel Booster users can also view the reservation history of all booking transactions in one location using the Booking Control button. This new feature also enables users to delete cancelled transactions from a booking and still retain their record in the reservation history.

New Linking Capability Between Many Airports to One City

Using the new Multi Destination table in the Setup/Geography menu, it’s now possible to link several airports to one city. For example: LON, the code assigned to London, can now be linked to LHR, LGW, STN and LCY - codes representing 4 airports in the London area. Clients performing a flight search for London (LON) will receive results for flights to all 4 airports.

New Decoding Table for Flight Classes

A new table, Class Definitions, has been added to the Setup/Product Definitions menu. For companies that sell flights via a GDS, a class code is included in the query result. This class code can now be translated into Economy, Enhanced Economy, Business Class and First Class, after which the class names will appear in the client’s search results together with the original alphabetical class code. The advanced search options in the flight search also include the class name as a search parameter.

Hotel and Activity Contracts now Have Group Rates

Special rates for groups can now be defined in hotel and activity contracts. Selecting the option Enable group rate in the Advanced Definitions expander will add a new tab to the contract for defining the group rates.
These group rates (not displayed in FIT bookings) can be selected for group bookings and for calculating group costs using the Calculation Sheet mechanism.
For contracts with allocations defined, allocations will be used only for FIT bookings and not for the group rates.
Please contact your Galor Account Manager for more information regarding this new functionality.

Minimum Nights Definition Added to Hotel Allocation

There are hotels that grant tour operators room allocations on condition that the customer stays for a minimum number of nights. For such circumstances, it is now possible to define a minimum night stay in the allocation. Shorter stays than this minimum number are dealt with on a request basis. 

Improved Display Of Contract Remarks

Until this version, all remarks entered in a contract (including those marked to be displayed only on a voucher or reservation) were also displayed on the results page of a hotel search. Beginning with Version 6.02, only those remarks indicated as a Special Remark will be displayed on the results page. Remarks with other printing options will be displayed only in the relevant documents (voucher, booking details, reservation, and itinerary).
Another new remark option, Only to B2E users, has been added to the contract definitions. If this option is selected, the remark will be displayed only to B2E (Business to Employee) users. This option is very useful for offices that want to display internal remarks only to their employees.

Hotel Name is Now Automatically Added to an Activity Booking

When booking an activity, the hotel at which the customer is staying may be useful information for the activity supplier. For this reason, when booking an activity in a booking which includes a hotel reservation, the hotel name will be added as a remark to the reservation sent to the activity supplier.  The hotel name will also be added to the activity voucher, itinerary and booking details.
Note that this new functionality is applicable only for activities for which pickup details have not been defined. If pickup details have been defined in the activity contract, hotel details will not be added as described above.

Booking Notes Displayed Only to B2E User

Beginning with this version, all notes entered by B2E users will, by default, be displayed only to them. The option Publish to B2B/B2C can be selected in the note, thereby publishing the note to all users. A note added to a booking by a B2B or B2C user will be marked automatically with this option.

New Flexibility for Issuing a Credit Invoice

In keeping with local laws, a credit invoice can be issued with a positive amount displaying Credit Invoice as the title of the document or in a negative amount displaying Invoice as the title of the document.
This option can now be configured in Travel Booster whereby the office can choose one of these two modes of operation for the credit invoice. Select Credit invoice active in Database Definitions  Documents  Invoice to display the credit invoice with a positive amount or leave unchecked to display with a negative amount.

New Definitions to Ensure Payment for Last-Minute Bookings

In Travel Booster, B2B (operating on cash basis) and B2C customers are required to pay by credit card in order to complete a booking. If the office also accepts payment by bank transfer (or any payment method other than credit card) the option Allow different payment method in Website Definitions  Login Type (Agent or Customer) can be selected. When this option is selected, the user is not required to pay by credit card but can pay at a later time at the office.
Beginning with Version 6.02, it is possible to configure the different payment method option to apply within a specific number of days prior to the departure date. When making a booking for a date with less than the number of days defined, the system will require a credit card payment. When making a booking for a date with more than the number of days defined, the user will still be able to select the option different payment method and send the payment to the office.
In this manner, the site manager can ensure that last minute bookings are paid for immediately.

New Feature for Companies With Multiple GDSs

For customers working with more than one GDS, the new Flight Interfaces table in the Setup/Definitions menu can be used to determine which GDS to use for a given destination when booking flights to and from a country.

New Cancellation Report

The new Cancellation Report (in the Reports/Financial menu) can be generated to produce a list of canceled documents and canceled reservations in the system. The report can be filtered by a number of parameters, including the user who performed the cancellation, and the cancellation date and time.

General Accounts Can now be Modified

For debit and credit accounting activities, a company may make use of various general accounts. These can now be added using General Accounts in the Setup/My Company menu. 

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