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Version Update

July 2010 Version Update

New Features in Administration Tools

1. Changes to Price Component Options

Beginning with version 6.05, a new option named Stay Entire Season has been added to the price component option pane. Selecting this option will require the passenger to stay at the hotel for the entire date range of the season. The price and date period of the reservation will be determined according to these dates.
This option is useful for hotels requiring guests to stay for an entire holiday period.
Also beginning with this version, the functionality of Min/Max for hotels has been changed. The values entered in these fields will now be validated according to seasons and not according to the total number of reservation nights.
For example:
If Season A is from 1-31/7 and Season B is from 1/8 - 31/10,
And the Min Nights value for Season B is 2:
Then, in the Reservation System, a passenger making a reservation from 31/7 - 2/8 (total of 2 nights - 1 night in Season A and 1 night in Season B) will need to reserve an additional night in order to meet the minimum required 2 nights for Season B. A message similar to the following will be displayed:

In order to continue with the booking, the passenger will be required to perform a new search and extend the reservation until 3/8.

2. Lookup Translation Added to Setup Menus

Until this version, the values for the various drop-down menus used for queries in the Reservation System could be displayed only as originally entered in the Setup menus, regardless of the end user’s language preference.
The Lookup Translation screen (Setup > Definitions > Lookup Translation), now added to the Setup menus, provides the capability for translating the setup entries from the language in which they were originally entered to the languages used in the Reservation System.
The permit Translate only (located in Setup > My Company > Users > Product Management Permits) must be assigned to all users requiring access to this screen.

3. Service Attributes Added to Setup Menus

This new screen (Setup > Product Definitions > Service Attributes) is used for defining attributes that can be associated with services in Travel Booster.
When a service attribute is linked to an internal hotel contract, the attribute can be used as an advanced search parameter in the Reservation System. When performing a search according to an attribute (e.g. spa, country house, youth hostel), it is not necessary to select a destination.
Prior to this version, a category name was used to define a sub-system. Beginning with version 6.05, the category is replaced with the service attribute (Setup > Definitions > Website Definitions > Content > Services > Sub-system).

4. New Functionality in Operations Module

A new functionality, Send Periodic Statements to Agents, will enable the user to send a periodic statement to travel agents. The statement report can be filtered according to market, paying or reserving agent, issue date, value date, and branch. The e-mail message sent to the travel agent will include a report summary and the report itself in two formats (PDF and Excel).

5. Display Order of Price Components Can Be Defined

As can be done with many other entities in Travel Booster, the display order of price components for all services can now be defined in the Price Components screen (Setup > Product Definitions > Price Components).
The display order will determine, for example, in which order prices are displayed in the hotel contract and, as a result, in the price breakdown window displayed for the product in the Reservation System.

6. Infant Age Can Now Be Edited in FP Price Component

After selecting a family plan price component for the relevant price level of a hotel contract, the details of the price component as defined in Setup > Product Definitions > Price Components are displayed. Prior to this version, only the maximum child age could be edited. The maximum infant age can now also be edited for the specific price list.

New Features in the Reservation System

1. New, Unified Passenger Details Form

Prior to version 6.05, the passenger details form had two formats: detailed and condensed. With the release of version 6.05, there is now only, one unified format as displayed below:

The upper section includes the passenger’s name and age.
The middle section includes the passenger’s address and contact details.
The new format is displayed for all user types (B2E, B2B, and B2C). Further to the changes in the form itself, the options in Definitions > Website Definitions > Passenger Details have been updated.
Note that the copy and add details functionality is applicable only for the B2E user.

2. New Search Capability for B2C Users

When entering passenger details, B2C users can now search for existing passenger details - theirs or others - using the magnifying glass in the upper section of the passenger details form.
After entering an ID number, Travel Booster will search for a passenger matching the ID number and the last name entered. If located, this passenger’s details will populate the form automatically.
If desired, the ID label can be changed via Definitions > Website Definitions > UI Design > Edit Strings > Messages.

3. Refund for Leg Transaction Can Now Be Issued

A supplier refund for a leg transaction, after a voucher has been issued, can now be applied for and confirmed. A leg transaction applies to a transfer, flight, ferry, and train.
The request for the refund is executed in the Reservation System while the confirmation can be processed either in the Reservation System or in the Supplier Reconciliation module.
A user handling this refund must have the relevant refund application permits.

4. Improved Invoice Display

The status of the requested service no longer appears on invoices issued to travel agents.


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