Travel Software for Travel Agents, TMCs, Airlines and Tour Operators

Company profile

Established in 1989, Galor Systems and Software Development is a leading supplier of travel technology that boasts a client base of over 600 customers in more than twenty countries around the globe, including travel agents, TMCs, airlines, tour operators and OTAs. For more than 25 years, Galor has been an active player in the industry. Throughout these years, the company has enjoyed a customer retention rate of over 95%.

Galor’s customers are based in Australia, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine and more. Providing services to customers from across the globe requires cultural flexibility: Galor’s teams understand and support different cultures and market trends. This is reflected in the suite of solutions the company offers, which can be customized to support a variety of languages, currencies, tax regulations and workflows.

Galor’s highly experienced international team includes over 70 professionals. Each team member brings to the table his expertise in research and development, product management, user interface (UI) design, training, support, documentation, business intelligence (BI), IT, finance, sales & marketing, and more. Galor’s R&D organization is based in Israel and includes ~30 staff members.

Our teams combine in-depth knowledge of the industry with creative thinking.  Galor’s teams understand the travel industry, with all its various business types (travel agents, TMCs, airlines, tour operators, and OTAs), the competitive landscape of our customers: financial, marketing, social media, operational and B2C sales aspects – and this knowledge is utilized towards the successful completion of projects. Our teams master the different spheres in which our customers operate: on-line, mobile, and new media; in order to create the technological and business solutions that best suit their needs.

We bring to the table a highly diversified experience: Galor's vast expertise ranges from straight-forward implementations to varied and complex solutions, from small and medium sized companies to large scale global organizations with multiple branches, from off-the-shelf products to fully customized and branded solutions, and from stand-alone solutions to fully integrated ones.

We are dedicated to developing smart and simple, yet sophisticated and comprehensive solutions. We offer our customers access to premium technologies, enabling them to successfully compete in the global market and enhance their profitability. Galor’s solutions enable customers to efficiently manage their business and proactively promote business growth while reducing costs; effectively engage with their clients while providing them with the best possible experience.