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The Travel Booster advantage

The Travel Booster advantage

Travel Booster is the cutting-edge web-based travel software package that supports the wide range of management and distribution aspects of your travel business. Deployed with the innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) model, Travel Booster is quick to launch, and easy to use. Our absolutely secure hosting services simplify your IT requirements and reduce operational costs.

1. Business Booster - launch new distribution channels, sell more products

Unique model to efficiently expand your business with new products and new markets, while reducing operational expenses, and relieving your worry about IT infrastructure. Our hosting  services incorporate maintenance, operation, upgrades and backup so you have more time to identify new business opportunities, attract new clients, open new distribution channels, and sell more products online.

2. Smart & Simple - an end-to-end solution on a single platform

Consolidates front, mid and back office tools on a single, web based platform. The intuitive user interface will have you up and running in no time, simplifying work processes to increase efficiency and productivity. The system is comprehensive, including: multi-selling channels (B2B, B2C, B2E, White Label and 3rd party), a range of content sources (in-house contract loading model, online connectivity to worldwide content), numerous products and services (flights, hotels, dynamic packages, and more), group and FIT operations, business rules, accounting, reporting, BI, CRM, and much more!

3. Available 24x7 - all you need is the Internet.  Access anywhere, anytime.

Travel Booster tour operator software can be accessed anytime by consumers, travel agents and your call center staff from home or office – anywhere with an Internet connection. Our top tier hosting services mean setup and implementation is immediate, with guaranteed availability and uptime of the system. Integral, straightforward E-learning training modules give you a full leverage of all system advantages.

4. Market Proven, Reliable Brand – experience, expertise & know-how

Developed by industry expert Galor, with over 25 years in the marketplace and more than 600 satisfied customers and innumerable users in 20 different countries worldwide.  We consistently introduce new products and improvements to meet evolving market needs. Our products are global, supporting various currencies and languages. In addition, we’ve partnered with one of the world’s leading hosting facilities to ensure the security of your Information.

5. Improved connectivity - multiply your business opportunities

Travel Booster boasts an open, interactive content-sharing travel software package, significantly improving bilateral communication with your partners. Whether you are a buyer or seller of services, you gain access to a multitude of organizations worldwide who may become your agents and/or suppliers without any investment in human or business resources.

For the seller: Increase the opportunity to sell your products. In addition to your B2B, and B2C web sites, 3rd party online companies can distribute your products with a simple XML interface.

For the buyer: In-house contract management module, in addition to a multitude of content providers, such as GDS, CRS, and online suppliers providing a range of services worldwide.

Travel Booster network: Join our dynamic network and gain access to a world of opportunity - both as an agent and a supplier .

6. Strategic management tools - business decisions made easy

Our Business Intelligence module helps you forecast and react to trends and movements , while automated workflows make your entire business more efficient and productive.

Travel Booster.  It’s all inside, and it’s the simple way to grow.


"gives value for money when it comes to any travel business wanting to jump-start their online business"
Christina Siaw, CEO,


Travel Booster is an innovative travel software developed by Galor Systems & Software Development. Established in 1989, Galor is a leading supplier of travel technology, boasting a client base of over 600 customers in more than 15 countries around the globe. 

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