How Static-to-Dynamic Packaging Affects Tour Operators

Abr. 19, 2023
How Static-to-Dynamic Packaging Affects Tour Operators


Once upon a time, the world of tour operators was based on static packages, which provided travelers with limited flexibility and choice when it came to creating their own travel itineraries. As the technology evolved and customer expectations changed, static packages evolved into dynamic packages – fully customized travel packages that offer travelers greater flexibility and control over their travel experiences.

But recently, a new solution has emerged that has entirely changed the game: static-to-dynamic packages.

Static-to-dynamic travel packages aim to offer travelers (and tour operators) the best of both worlds by starting with a pre-packaged itinerary and then allowing travelers to customize it based on their individual needs and preferences.

For example, a static-to-dynamic travel package might include a pre-packaged itinerary that includes flights, accommodation, and a few set activities. However, travelers can then customize their itinerary by adding or removing activities, changing their accommodation, or extending their trip.

With the right travel technology, travel organizations can adapt static-to-dynamic travel packaging with no increased effort but all of the increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Effects of static-to-dynamic packaging

So, how does static-to-dynamic packaging affect tour operators? Let’s take a closer look.

1. A Whole New World

Firstly, static-to-dynamic packaging completely changes the type of packages tour operators can offer, directly impacting their day-to-day.

It enables them to first create low-cost, static packages that attract customers, and then wow them by providing them the options to adjust and alter the packages using dynamic content. 

Not only does this mean tour operators can increase customer satisfaction by offering this level of customization, but it also means they can increase sales.

2. Greater Range of Product Offerings

Another aspect of static-to-dynamic packaging is that it enables tour operators to create travel packages with a wider range of product offerings. Instead of the plain old flight + hotel deal, the right travel ERP software that offers static-to-dynamic packaging also enables tour operators to include exciting products like cruises, tours, excursions, transfers, and more, combined into a travel package.

What does this mean? More thrilling travel offerings that will attract and entice customers.

3. Customers can Customize

As mentioned, a special aspect of static-to-dynamic packaging is that it enables end-customers to upgrade and alter travel packages to fit their exact desires.

For example, a customer can choose a travel package with hotel, flight, and car included, and then add on a concert or sporting event.

In a world where personalization is king and customers are unwilling to compromise on the trips of their dreams, this is a vital offering that tour operators must have.

4. The Simplicity of Creation

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to note that static-to-dynamic packages don’t have to be difficult to create. In fact, the process can be very, very simple.

That is, if you have the right technology in place.

The right travel ERP software will enable you to create static-to-dynamic travel packages in no time.

Pack your bags and get going with static-to-dynamic packaging 

Static-to-dynamic packaging has shaken up the tour operator industry. It’s brought about an entirely new world for tour operators to offer customizable travel packages to their customers. 

To make the most of the opportunities presented by static-to-dynamic packaging, tour operators need to step up their game by investing in an innovative travel ERP solution that enables this offering.

With the right technology in place, it’ll be easy as 1-2-3.

So, let’s all embrace the static-to-dynamic revolution and get creative with travel itineraries. With the help of innovative travel ERP solutions, tour operators can gain a competitive advantage and rock the travel industry like never before.

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