Nechama Bichler: Putting Travel Booster … on the Map!

Mar. 30, 2023
Nechama Bichler: Putting Travel Booster … on the Map!

A special section on women in various positions in the industry: Who are they? What brought them to the world of technology? And do they think there is discrimination in the industry? This time: Nechama Bichler, Business Manager and International Sales at Galor’s Travel Booster


Name and Position: Nechama Bichler, Business Manager and International Sales at Travel Booster by Galor.


Education: BA in Mathematics and MBA in Business Administration, specializing in marketing, both from Tel Aviv University.


Military service: I served for 3 years. It was important for me to serve in a challenging field, with a contribution, that would express my abilities. As part of my military service, I studied electronics for a year, specializing in airborne navigation devices in fighter aircraft, and served as an instructor and course commander at the Air Force Technical School.


What brought you to technology?

My strengths have always been in the realm of the STEM subjects science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). I recognized that I had higher-than-average analytical abilities, and was less strong in the humanities. In high school, I studied in a STEM-oriented track. When I applied for my studies, I enrolled in two different fields: psychology – a field that interested me very much and which deepened my knowledge of the subject — and at the same time, mathematics and computer science. I was accepted to both, and in the end, I decided to study a scientific/technological field. Already in my undergraduate studies, I decided to continue to study for an MBA.


Between my undergraduate and master’s degrees, and during my master’s studies, I worked at a large tourism company in the field of planning, procurement, and operations, and managed a team of employees. As part of my work, I was exposed to challenges in the tourism industry and the importance of technology in increasing the productivity, sales, and profitability of the organization.


I came to the technological field following a request from Galor, a technology company that develops and markets ERP and e-commerce software to tourism companies, who were looking for a manager for the Project Management and Customer Management departments.

Later, I was part of the team that designed and characterized the innovative SaaS software we market today in Israel and in the international market. Today I market and sell our software in the international market, and work with business partners to promote the software.


Do you think there is discrimination against women in the industry? 

Officially, I don’t think there is discrimination. More and more women are turning to the technology field and have the opportunity to break the “glass ceiling,” but in practice, it exists, both in wage gaps and today, there is still a majority of men in senior management positions. I believe that this stems mainly from women’s fear of competing for senior positions which often entails sacrificing for the sake of a family.

Have you personally encountered discrimination against you in the industry on the basis of being a woman?

I personally have not encountered discrimination. The company where I work has a significant number of women in key positions, including the CEO, who is a woman.


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March 12, 2023


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