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Automate your day-to-day, augment your productivity, and provide excellent customer service with Travel Booster for Travel Agents.

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Automate My Business To Save Time

Enjoy end-to-end automation, including reservation, invoice issuing, document sending, reconciliations, reports, and sending messages to travelers. Every aspect of a trip is gathered into one comprehensive travel file, including travelers, services, itineraries, and accounting documents. The travel file triggers payables to BSP and other suppliers, receivables from customers, and profit, and allows you to manage an unlimited number of travelers (FITs or Groups). Streamline management with an easy-to-use overview that provides detailed information on all suppliers, corporate customers, and travelers. Travel Booster’s financial module allows the financial teams to efficiently and automatically manage the reconciliation process with customers and suppliers and export all data to the General Ledger.

Connect & Streamline Technologies

Seamlessly integrate your existing reservation systems (GDS, low-cost, NDC, CRS, car rentals, daily tours, activities, and transportation) onto Travel Booster’s one desktop for maximum efficiency. Manage all of your sources from one easy-to-use platform that enables travel consultants to search and compare services from multiple content providers. Travel Booster’s ERP for travel agencies also supports traditional workflows. For example, Travel Booster captures and memorizes the full PNR lifecycle and automatically applies business rules to travel files, including markup, commissions, and transaction fees.

Provide Better Customer Service

Proactively engage with your customers using Travel Booster’s automatic messaging capabilities and e-mail direct marketing (EDM) that allow you to maximize touch points and communicate with them throughout the entire trip lifecycle. Understand customer value with data that provides insights into their preferences and travel history, with the ability to export data to corporate companies, procurement systems, global associations, and other external systems in various formats.

Gain Control & Visibility Of Business Performance

Maintain a clear view of your business with operations controls that include access permissions and restrictions, personnel efficiency analyses, and enable you to set sales targets for your employees. Utilize analytical reports and user-friendly dashboards to understand where you’re making profit and where you’re losing it, so you can make adjustments accordingly.

Boost Revenue & Optimize Profitability

Sell through multiple booking channels, including B2C, B2B, and B2B2C, and utilize Travel Booster’s API, which allows you to develop your own private UI to suit your needs. Set sales targets and incentives for your employees to promote certain products and maintain a constant view of performance. Increase margins with exchange rate optimization for buy and sell with up to 2 currencies in a booking file and up to 3 currencies in each transaction. Even more, enjoy cross selling capabilities by sending automated emails to customers with offers to book additional services, both before departure and while on their vacation. Use gift cards and offer promotion codes to build customer loyalty and support marketing efforts. Set up automated business rules, including service fees, markup, and reductions, for both corporate accounts and direct customers.

Maximize IT Efficiency

Travel Booster’s easy-to-use SaaS platform eliminates any need for hardware requirements and complex IT implementation and maintenance. Enjoy guaranteed 24/7 system availability, and a system that is always updated according to the latest market trends and technological developments. We strive to be ahead of the technological curve, constantly introducing advanced technologies and making adaptations to introduce emerging cutting-edge tools, making us a leading provider of world-class innovative solutions.

Increase Flexibility With Advanced Architecture

Travel Booster was specifically built with flexible architecture so that it can be configured to address your specific business needs. For example, the platform offers support for different countries and VAT regulations, document design capabilities, UI customization, multiple languages and currencies, and exporting hand-off files to your general ledger of choosing. Travel Booster’s travel agency ERP system includes our special TBGI (Travel Booster Generic Interface), which enables users to integrate their suppliers’ content into the platform. Furthermore, Travel Booster’s API guarantees a wealth of bidirectional integrations with third party systems.

Use Cases

  • Sending proposals has never been easier

    Travel Booster was built to make your life easier and your customers’ lives better.
    Enjoy the software’s flexibility as you build and customize trip proposals for your customers from our user-friendly, all-in-one desktop. Include various options for hotel, flight, experiences, and more, and then send your proposal to your customers, allowing them to choose and adjust details based on which choices they prefer. Travel, boosted.

  • One platform with everything you need and more

    Save your employees time and energy by integrating all external reservation systems and content providers onto Travel Booster’s holistic platform. Built for efficiency and ease of use, TB is intuitive and flexible in order to enable quick price comparison, product creation, and business management.

  • Maintain communication with your customers

    Use Travel Booster’s automated notification tool to send messages to your customers in real-time about important trip updates or travel restrictions, to both desktop and mobile. You can also craft messages ahead of time and set rules for automatic notifications. Easily filter through and choose which customers to send messages to. Be there for them, every step of the way.

  • Sell more with cross-sell capabilities

    Travel Booster enables you to send automated emails or text messages to your customers with options to add additional services, even after they have completed a purchase. For example, if a customer booked a train and activity for their trip but no car, offer them to elevate their trip with a car booking or insurance, etc.

  • Pinpointed sales targeting

    Not only does Travel Booster take care of all the classic travel agent needs, but it also helps your marketing department. Utilize our pinpointed sales targeting tool to push specific products, suppliers, airlines, etc. based on whatever you want to sell more of. How? Create customized banners and choose where users will see them. You can also set incentives for employees to encourage them to sell more of certain products.

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