Travel Booster for Outbound Tour Operators

Boost your sales and revenue, increase efficiency and business control, and offer more complex travel products with Travel Booster for Outbound Tour Operators.

Travel Booster for Outbound Tour Operators

How Would You Like To Boost Your Travel Business?

Offer More Complex Travel Products

Expand your product offering to include a wide range of packages, including dynamic, event-led, static, and static-to-dynamic. Combine both in-house and 3rd party external content into versatile, eye-catching products that your customers will love. Improve business operations with flight inventory management, flight allotment, and charter flight capabilities, as well as intuitive in-house contract management and inventory control for various services. Manage different kinds of scheduled and self-operated tours, including complex overnight escorted tours with or without modular segments, and tours based on different hotel categories, bus occupancy, or hotel allocations.

Augment Sales & Increase Revenue

Travel Booster enables you to book services from all booking channels and offer omni-channel capabilities, including B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and offline bookings by all points of sale and call centers (B2E). Furthermore, our TBAPI enables your clients to integrate their sales sites with Travel Booster. Enjoy full efficiency and control, as all online and offline selling channels work on the same user-friendly system. Plus, your in-house agents’ efficiency will skyrocket with Travel Booster’s robust connectivity abilities and seamless API interfaces. Increase revenue by setting incentives for your agents and setting business rules that can push your preferred vendors and products. Plus, you can create multiple websites that can be configured with various languages, currencies, user interfaces, business rules, and products according to their desired specifications.

Increase Efficiency, Productivity, & Control

Travel Booster makes life easier for every entity in your organization by giving you complete control of your operations, while maximizing business efficiency and employee productivity. The holistic platform provides an end-to-end automated process for reservations, as well as exchange vouchers for confirmed services, report reservations, and release of allocations to suppliers. Enjoy automated invoice issuing, vendor, partner, and customer reconciliation, messages to customers based on different booking criteria, and creation and export of hand-off files to the general ledger. Utilize Travel Booster’s sophisticated business rules to automate markups, handling fees, and commissions across all bookings based on selling channels or target audience. Quickly create tailor-made itineraries and proposals to suit your customers’ unique needs, and combine a variety of services from both in-house and external content providers to diversify your offering. Maintain financial control across multiple company branches and various complex work environments with Travel Booster.

Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

Proactively engage with your customers using Travel Booster’s automatic messaging capabilities and e-mail direct marketing (EDM) that allows you to maximize touchpoints and communicate with them throughout the entire trip lifecycle. Understand customer value with data that provides insights into their preferences and travel history.  Send proposals to customers with the option for them to select preferred services, add more services, and approve the proposal, which automatically converts it to a booking. Keep your customers happy with Travel Booster.

Gain Control & Visibility Of Business Performance

Utilize operational reports, analytical reports, and user-friendly dashboards to analyze your business turnover, revenue, sales, and profitability. Slice and dice your data, run various analyses, view trends, and use this information to make more strategic, informed business decisions that will help you boost your company.

Maximize IT Efficiency

Travel Booster’s easy-to-use SaaS platform eliminates any need for hardware requirements and complex IT implementation and maintenance. We guarantee 24/7 system availability and ensure the system is always updated according to the latest market trends and technological developments. Elasticity in our cloud infrastructure helps us cater to the dynamically changing needs of our customers quickly, and working on a PaaS allows us to offer elasticity and simplify integrations to and from our system. With Travel Booster, your IT is in great hands, so you can take off and fly autopilot.

Use Cases

  • Integrate And Source Your Suppliers

    Operate and manage your supplier contracts from Travel Booster’s all-in-one platform. Integrate with your external suppliers or allow us to do the integration for you, allowing you to easily access and utilize their content from within TB. Enhance your product offering and boost revenue by creating enticing travel products that combine both in-house and external content.

  • Sell More, Sell Better

    With omnichannel selling capabilities, enjoy endless ways to sell travel products to your customers, including through your very own white label webpage (B2B2C), directly to your customers (B2C), B2B, and more. Connect with the global network of Travel Booster users to access and utilize their content and travel packages and sell them to your customers. Travel Booster’s API (TBAPI) also allows  you to develop your own private UI (or allow us to do it for you), to perfectly suit your business needs and integrate with your clients’ systems. TBAPI also enables synchronization between local distribution systems (LDS) and Travel Booster.

  • Boosted Calculation Sheet

    Travel Booster’s user-friendly calculation sheet allows for easy creation of quotations and proposals, with drag-and-drop capabilities for all services including transportation, guides, hotel, activities, and more. Determine prices for tailor-made groups that show you price per passenger based on group and individual costs, free-of-charge passengers granted by suppliers, and mark-ups. If changes occur, the calculation sheet is automatically recalculated. Send them by email using the group travel file.

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