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Our mission

To provide the tour operators, travel agencies, and airlines of the world the tools they need to stay at the top of their game.

Our vision

A world where the next adventure is just a click away. Travel, boosted. 

Our story

We’ve come a long way since we first opened our doors some 30 years ago, but our mission has always stayed the same: to provide world class solutions for the travel industry. Travel Booster is a constantly improving ERP solution that frees users from the complexities of creation so they can do more, faster.



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Meet our Team

  • Orly Livnoni

    Orly Livnoni

    Mama Booster


  • Elitzour Livnoni

    Elitzour Livnoni

    The Brains

  • Nelly Greenstain

    Nelly Greenstain

    Your Best Friend


  • Adi Shpigel

    Adi Shpigel

    Dream Maker

  • Francine Shoval

    Francine Shoval

    Head of People & Happiness


  • Nechama Buchler and Lior Livnoni

    Nechama Buchler and Lior Livnoni

    Rain Makers


Our partners for the journey

Having innovative, forward thinking partners is vital to providing revolutionary travel solutions. And since we never stop at just okay, we are always looking for new partners to collaborate with. Come join us!

  • Kiwi.com
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Microsoft
  • Hyp
  • ingenico
  • Fairlogic
  • Nuvei
  • Lufthansa Group
  • Travelport
  • Gimmonix
  • Accelya
  • Yellow Fin
  • Ofran
  • Amadeus
  • Hotelbeds Group
  • PayPal
  • Sabre

Don’t just take our word for it

Incorporating Travel Booster into our business operations increased our travel agents' capacity by more than 20%

American Express Global Business Travel Israel
Gilles Perez
American Express Global Business Travel Israel

After years of working together, we believe that Travel Booster is a company that our customers can rely on, one that does the job accurately and quickly.

Amadeus Israel
Avishai Cohen, Country Manager
Amadeus Israel

Galor really does offer top tier products that make a positive impact to the bottom line of our business.

Yacov Kopelovitz

Travel Booster's NDC interface enables our joint customers to book the Lufthansa Group airlines’ most attractive offers providing unique customer experience with innovative technology solutions.

Lufthansa Group
Johannes Walter
Lufthansa Group

We have been collaborating with Galor for many years now, and are very pleased by the results. The interface with Travel Booster suits our strategy and extends our reach even further

Ophir Danai

Our systems, which rely on Travel Booster, have made Ofakim one of the most technologically advanced travel networks in Israel

Idit Padan

Travel Booster is a company of professionals who knows their business, who always go to meet the clients’ interests, looking for a way out of any situation quickly and efficiently.

Elegant Travel
Andrey Mamaev
Elegant Travel

Within two years, we experienced a 500% growth in revenue (and still counting), which only could have happened with the Travel Booster software.

Smart Air
Erez Bousso
Smart Air

In partnership with Travel Booster, we continue to take advantage of their technological innovative capabilities to make our offerings distinctive and add value for our customers.

Dov Sarid